International competition for the architectural and urban planning concept of the "Serp & Molot" factory

  • Competition announcement

    10 September

  • Registration of participants opens

    11 September - 07 November

  • Acceptance of competition applications closes

    07 November - 08 November

  • Analysis of competition applications

    08 November - 15 November

  • Jury session (selection of 5 teams)

    21 November - 22 November

  • Seminar with the competition participants

    24 February

  • Work of participants on the competition projects

    25 November - 15 April

  • Finishing of the competition works acceptance

    15 April

  • Expert opinion on the competition projects

    16 April - 23 April

  • Finishing of the competition models acceptance

    22 April

  • Jury session

    24 April - 25 April

Purpose of the Competition:

Purpose of the Competition — to select five architectural and town-planning concepts for creation of a multifunctional city unit with a well-developed infrastructure, integrated into the city pattern and meeting the requirements of environmentally sustainable developments.


"DONSTROY" is the leading developing company of Moscow in the higher residential real estate segment: Business, Premium and De Luxe, and has been working in the Russian market since 1994. The company’s current projects portfolio includes 3,000,000 square metres. “DONSTROY” focuses on development of unique, non-standard residential real estate facilities, each of which is a masterpiece of creative architecture and exists as a single unit. The most known projects of the company are “Alye parusa”, “Vorobyevy gory”, “Triumph-palace”, House at Mosfilmovskaya” and other residential complexes, which have already become significant elements in the capital’s panorama. “DONSTROY” has high professional competence in implementation of large-scale projects with well-developed infrastructure. One of the company’s current projects is reorganization of an industrial territory with the area of 14 ha in the proximity of Shelepikhinskaya bank with creation of a modern comfortable city block in its place.

SUE "Research and Project Institute of Moscow City Master Plan" is a city planning design institute, the main business of which is design, land zoning and master planning of territories.
Supported by:

The competition is held under the auspices of the Government of Moscow.


Sergey Kuznetsov

The chief architect of Moscow, First Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of the City of Moscow

Alena Deryabina

JSC "Don Stroy Invest", General Director

Ricardo Bofill

Architect and town planner, President of the architectural studio of Ricardo Bofill (RBTA)

Etienne Tricaud

Engineer, architect, founder of the design studio AREP

Andrei Gnezdilov

The chief architect of SUE "Research and urban planning institute of the General Plan of Moscow" , co-founder Ltd. Architectural Bureau "Ostozhenka"

Hans Stimmann

He former chief architect of Berlin, a member of the Moscow Union of Architects


Georgiy Revzin
Historian, art and architectural critic, journalist, columnist, member of the Town Planning Fund "Skolkovo"
Takeshi Nakawake

Member of the Board of Directors of the company NIKKEN SEKKEI LTD, Head of Economic Development Department

Karina Ricks

An expert in the field of transport, public finance and land use planning. Partner at the Nelson Nygaard

Oliver Schulze

Leading Danish urbanist practicing in offices Schulze + Grassov (Copenhagen) and Citymakers (Moscow)

Hildebrand Machleidt

Architect and urban designer, member of the city council for the Mitte district planning in Berlin, co-founder of Büro Machleidt + Partner.

Evgeniy Travnikov

General Director of JSC "Moscow Metallurgical Plant Serp & Molot"

Andrei Bagaev

JSC "Don Story Invest", Head of the BN "Development"

Stanislav Archipov

JSC "Don Story Invest", Head of Project Development

Irina Postovalova

JSC "Don Story Invest", Deputy General Manager

Piotr Lorens
Vice President of the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP). Associate Professor of the Department of Urban Design and Regional Planning at Gdańsk University of Technology.
Rules for submitting applica—tions

The electronic versions of an application shall be uploaded via the competition’s Web-site in the “Application” section of the personal account. The printed version of the Competition Application (in 3 copies) shall be sent to the following address: 2-nd Brestskaya, 2/14, Moscow, Russian Federation, 125047.
In case of an Application being delivered by mail or courier service an Application is deemed to be delivered in time, providing: the corresponding mailing was handed for delivery to the mailing (determined by the mailing date stamp) or courier service by 6 P.M. Moscow time October 10, 2013, and such mail is received by 6 P.M. October 12, 2013 inclusive.

Important! If an Application is sent with the company’s courier and does not carry a date stamp, the documents shall be delivered by 6 P.M. Moscow time October 10, 2013.

Important information.

1. The Competition Applications received after termination of the Applications receipt period are not accepted.
2. An Applicant is entitled in any time before termination of the registration period to recall its Application.
3. Those Applicants are qualified for participation in the Competition, who provided the complete set of the Competition Application documents.
See the details in the official competition document “Request for Expression of interest” in the section “Documentation”.

Important dates:

Acceptance of Competition applications closes — November 7, 2013.
Selection of 5 teams to participate in stage II of the Competition — November 21-22, 2013.
Acceptance of Competition projects closes — January 31, 2014.
Announcement of the results of the architectural and city planning rating — February 6, 2014.


For participants of Stage II of the Competition, in order to compensate for their expenses for the concept development and exclusive rights, a $150 000 reward fund was created, which will be equally distributed between the participants.

Request for Expres-sion of interest
Request for Expres-sion of interest

We invite architects and urban planners who are able to involve a team of experts in the fields of residential and public construction, transport infrastructure development, engineering, public spaces management, territory programming, ecology and sociology, areas improvement and landscaping.

Terms of the Competition
Terms of the Competition

General information about the competition and the conditions of participation for applicants.



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