International competition for the architectural and urban planning concept of the "Serp & Molot" factory

ALL NEWS 21 ноября

Press conference. Announcement of five finalists of the competition for the architectural and urban planning concept of the Serp & Molot plant site

Date: November 22, 2013
Time: 10:00 – 11:00
Place: RIA Novosti press-centre, Distant Hall
Address: Moscow, 4, Zubovsky Boulevard

Reorganization of Moscow industrial areas is an important stage in the development of the city and the new town-planning policy, and architectural competitions for the development of important and significant land areas is a way to attract the best world teams to create solutions that comply with world standards.

Currently SUE Research and Project Institute of Moscow City Master Plan is holding an open two-stage international competition for the architectural and urban concept of the Serp & Molot plant site. The customer is Don Stroy Invest JSC.

52 applications from consortia, consisting of 157 companies from 17 countries of the world, were submitted during the first stage of the competition. On November 21 the first meeting of the international jury will be held. The voting will determine 5 teams that will focus on the development of design concepts of the Serp & Molot industrial area by January 31, 2014. The members of the jury will be given a preliminary familiarization with the site.

The results of the jury meeting and the shortlisted participant teams will be announced at a press conference which will be held on November 22. After the announcement the shortlisted participants of the consortia will be given full details of the technical assignment and will be familiarized with the land area under consideration for a clear understanding of the task they are facing.

The major task of the finalists is to create a concept of multifunctional urban environment with well-developed infrastructure and public spaces. The representatives of the Customer and the competition Organizer will both speak at the conference. The results and the principles applied for the selection of finalists will be announced during the event. The members of the jury will give brief comments regarding the questions of reorganization of industrial areas and the practice of holding architectural competitions.

1. Sergey Kuznetsov — the Chief Architect of Moscow
2. Alena Deryabina — Don Stroy Invest CJSC, Director General
3. Karima Nigmatulina — Acting Director at the Research and Project Institute of Moscow City Master Plan

Members of the jury:
1. Ricardo Bofill – Architect and Urban Designer, Vice President of Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura (RBTA);
2. Etienne Tricaud – Architectural Engineer, Founder of AREP Group; 3. Karina Ricks – Specialist in Transportation, Public Finances and Land-use Planning. Partner of Nelson Nygaard; 4. Oliver Schulze – Leading Danish Urbanist, practising in the Schulze + Grassov (Copenhagen) and Citymakers (Moscow) Design Studios; 5. Hildebrand Machleidt – Architect and Urban Designer, Member of the City Council for the Mitte District Planning in Berlin, Co-founder of Büro Machleidt + Partner; 6. Evgeny Travnikov – Managing Director, Serp & Molot Moscow Metallurgical Plant JSC



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