International competition for the architectural and urban planning concept of the "Serp & Molot" factory

ALL NEWS 22 ноября

Five finalists of the competition for the architectural and urban planning concept for the development of the Serp & Molot plant site have been announced.

On November 22, during a press conference held at RIA Novosti press-centre, the Chief Architect of Moscow, Sergey Kuznetsov announced the names of five shortlisted candidates of the competition for the architectural and urban planning concept for the development of the Serp & Molot site.
The day before, on November 21, the session of the international jury consisting of 12 members, including the Chief Architect of Moscow, Sergei Kuznetsov, the representative of the Customer – Don-Stroy Invest, CJSC, as well as the leading Russian and foreign experts in comprehensive town-planning solutions, urbanists, and architects was held. Out of 52 applicants, participating in the competition, the jury has shortlisted 5 consortia that will be directly engaged in the design of projects for the development of the Serp & Molot industrial area.

Here is a list of leaders of consortia and their structure:

  • LDA Design (Great Britain)
    Consortium structure: UHA London (Great Britain), Buro Happold (Great Britain), Prosperity (Russia), LDA Design (Great Britain), Turner & Townsend LLC (Great Britain)
  • Ateliers Lion Associés (France)
    Consortium structure: Citec Ingénieurs-Conseils SA (Switzerland), TRANSSOLAR Energietechnik GmbH (Germany), GOODNOVA (Russia), Workshop of architect B.A. Shabunin "H" (Russia)
  • De Architekten CIE (Netherlands)
    Consortium structure: KCAP (Netherlands), Karres en Brands Landscape architects (Netherlands)
  • MVRDV (Netherlands)
    Consortium structure: LAP Landscape & Urban Design (Netherlands), MVRDV (Netherlands), PROEKTUS LLC (Russia), PROMOS (Russia)
  • Project MEGANOM (Russia)
    Consortium structure: Gustafson Porter (Great Britain), Buro Happold (Great Britain), Systematica (Italy), Project MEGANOM (Russia)

Based on the conditions of the competition, a multifunctional complex including residential, cultural and business developments, social facilities, well-developed infrastructure, public spaces and landscaped areas will be constructed on a total area of 58.6 ha. As a result of the project implementation, the former site of the plant will be smoothly integrated into the fabric of the city and will become an example of open and transparent environment.

According to Alena Deryabina, “The major objective of the reorganization of industrial areas can be achieved successfully only if there is well coordinated work between the city, the developer, leading urbanists, architects, transport experts, and environmental specialists having existing international experience in this sphere. The competition procedure is the mechanism for the consolidation of expert opinions, assessments and comments, and we are grateful to the organizers of the competition and the esteemed members of the jury that this work is being performed at such a high professional level”.

Karima Nigmatulina, Acting Director of the Institute of Moscow City Master Plan, on behalf of the organizers of the competition, reported that the jury session was preceded by the qualification of applicants based on the following three factors: “We made the assessment of the office as the indicator of the team’s stability, examined portfolios in order to evaluate the architectural and urban planning experience of the participant, and we also paid attention to the quality of the consortium, which should have included both foreign and Russian specialists”.



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