International competition for the architectural and urban planning concept of the "Serp & Molot" factory

ALL NEWS 03 февраля

Competition terms are extended

Given the project significance and scale of the objectives, entrusted with the competitors, the organizers have decided to extend the terms of the competition to ensure maximum performance of high-quality projects and reflect innovative ideas in the concepts of the finalist teams.

Report on competition:
On September 10, during a press conference the start of an International Competition for the development of an architectural and urban-planning concept of the territory of Serp & Molot plant was announced.
Customer – DONSTROY
Contractor – Genplan Institute of Moscow
The competition is held under the auspices of Moscow City Architecture Committee.

ЗDuring the first stage of the competition (until November 7 ) б52 applications from consortiums, consisting of 157 companies from 17 countries of the world, were submitted. On November 21-22, the Panel of Judges will determine 5 teams:

  • LDA Design (Great Britain)
    Consortium structure: UHA London (Great Britain), Buro Happold (Great Britain), Prosperity (Russia), LDA Design (Great Britain), Turner & Townsend LLC (Great Britain)
  • Ateliers Lion Associés (France)
    Consortium structure: Citec Ingénieurs-Conseils SA (Switzerland), TRANSSOLAR Energietechnik GmbH (Germany), GOODNOVA (Russia), Workshop of architect B.A. Shabunin "H" (Russia)
  • De Architekten CIE (Netherlands)
    Consortium structure: KCAP (Netherlands), Karres en Brands Landscape architects (Netherlands)
  • MVRDV (Netherlands)
    Consortium structure: LAP Landscape & Urban Design (Netherlands), MVRDV (Netherlands), PROEKTUS LLC (Russia), PROMOS (Russia)
  • Project MEGANOM (Russia)
    Consortium structure: Gustafson Porter (Great Britain), Buro Happold (Great Britain), Systematica (Italy), Project MEGANOM (Russia)

The major task of the finalists is to create a concept of multifunctional urban environment with well-developed infrastructure and public spaces.



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