International competition for the architectural and urban planning concept of the "Serp & Molot" factory

ALL NEWS 10 сентября

International competition for the urban-planning and architectural concept of the "Serp & Molot" factory begins

On September 10th the press center of RIA- Novosti will host a press conference dedicated to the start of the international competition for the urban-planning and architectural concept of the "Serp & Molot" factory.

Reorganization of the territory of "Serp&Molot" factory, bordered by Zolotorozhsky Val street, Entuziastov highway and “Serp & Molot” plant passage, is a part of the reorganization program of Moscow industrial zones. The Territory’s total area is 87 ha. The customer of competition is “DONSTROY Invest” and the contractor is Research and Project Institute of Moscow City Master Plan. The Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov, General Director of JSC "DONSTROY Invest" Alyona Deryabina and Acting director of the Institute of Moscow City Master Plan Karima Nigmatulin will deliver a speech in a press conference.

Reconstruction of industrial areas in Moscow is an important resource for the balanced development of the city, contributing to the solution of a number of key issues. Closing down unprofitable, non-performing industries and creating in their place a modern urban pattern will seriously improve the ecological situation in the city and the investment attractiveness of the territories. Created jobs next to new housing estates in the area between Third and Fourth Ring Road will significantly reduce daily push-pull migration from the suburbs to the city center and, consequently, the traffic load.

Today the territory of the “Serp & Molot” is an enclosed area for the city, the production program of which is significantly reduced, buildings are empty and the process equipment is dismantled. After the reorganization there will be a new city planning unit with residential complexes, office buildings, schools, kindergartens, polyclinics, sport and recreation centres and extensive green zones. In the planning of the territory, transport, architectural and city-planning, as well as ecological factors will be taken into account, and emphasis will be placed on people’s comfort and convenience. Also the proximity to the “Ploshad Ilyicha” and “Aviamotornaya” underground stations as well as “Serp &Molot” platform of Moscow Railway will provide transport accessibility.

Proposed restructuring of “Serp & Molot” factory in accordance with international practice will be selected on a competitive basis. In Moscow, examples of this kind of "competition of ideas" can serve as a competition to develop the concept of parks "Zaryadye" and "Khodynskoe pole " and museum NCCA , etc.

Within the competition “DONSTROY Invest” and Research and Project Institute of Moscow City Master Plan attract the world's leading experts in the field of architecture and urban planning, which will give theirs recommendations on the development of the area. The terms of reference for the contest will be spelled out the main aspects that must be considered when designing areas: transport, architectural, environmental, economic, and engineering.

At the press conference one may get acquainted with the competition schedule, the list of jury and invited experts. There will also be announced the opening of the contest Web-site, which will start its work on September 10. At the same time start the online registration of participants that will continue until October 9. After the completion of registration there will be qualification applications and a special meeting where the members of the jury will form a short-list of five finalist teams. The competition results will be announced in December 2013. For more information and registration of the press on event please white on e-mail: Registration Deadline - September 9, at 6 p.m.



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