International competition for the architectural and urban planning concept of the "Serp & Molot" factory

ALL NEWS 10 сентября

Announcement of International Competition for the Development of Reorganization Concept of the Territory of Serp & Molot Plant


September 10, RIA News Press Centre, during a press conference the start of an International Competition for the development of an architectural and urban-planning concept of the territory of Serp & Molot plant was announced.
The Organizer of the Competition is the Institute of Moscow City Master Plan. The Sponsor of the Competition is the company Don-Stroy Invest.
Multifunctional complex including residential areas, community facilities, and landscaping are expected to be created on the territory of nearly destroyed and mostly non-operative enterprise.

Chief Architect of the City of Moscow Sergei Kuznetsov, Don-Stroy Invest CEO Alyona Deryabina, Acting Director of the Institute of Moscow City Master Plan Karima Nigmatulina and Deputy Director of the institute of Moscow City Master Plan Oleg Baevsky were present at the press conference.
“Our message is to create spaces and their zoning to private and public, creating transparent territory with new streets, public areas and high-quality development. The reorganization strategy of industrial territories through multifunctional development is the only correct approach to the development of urban environment”, explained Sergei Kuznetsov at the press conference. “The policy to suggest the most significant facilities for such competitions is supported by the Mayor of Moscow and the Head of Moscow Committee for Architecture and Urban Development Marat Khusnullin.”



Alyona Deryabina said that the reorganization of the territory of Serp & Molot plant is a major and significant project for the city, being at the same time one of the most time-consuming and expensive ones: “According to preliminary estimates the total investment funding will amount to nearly 140 billion rubles. On the territory of about 60 Ha industrial equipment and heavy duty buildings are to be demolished, high-tech engineering network is to be created and most importantly, this territory must be integrated into the city pattern by creating necessary amount of public spaces, infrastructure and social facilities.”

Karima Nigmatulina underlined the major criteria to be considered by the applicants in the process of the Concept development: “Firstly, transport accessibility of the territory. Secondly, we expect the gridiron layout of the development. Thirdly, the territory landscaping that should be the baseline for all development. Fourthly, large amount of public spaces is required. This approach reflects the current general urban-planning concept of the city of Moscow.”
Russian and international architectural and urban-planning teams involving other related specialists are invited to participate in the Competition. The Competition will be held in two stages: at Stage 1 five finalist teams will be selected to continue their concept development, at Stage 2 the final concepts rating will be generated and the winner will be unveiled. The applicants will be selected based on the submitted portfolio and composition of consortiums.

The registration of Applicants is open from September 10 to October 9; the official website of the Competition is running. On October 14-15 the Panel of Judges, consisting of Russian and international experts chaired by Sergei Kuznetsov, will determine five applicant-teams of the Stage 2 of the Competition. The closing date for admission of projects for the Competition is December 13; the announcement of the Competition results will be held on December 20.



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