International competition for the architectural and urban planning concept of the "Serp & Molot" factory

ALL NEWS 11 сентября

Appeal of Moscow Chief Architect S.O. Kuznetsov

Former industrial areas constitute a considerable spare volume for the development of Moscow.
Their proximity to railways ensures excellent transport and communication facilities. Moreover, many of them are situated right at the Moscow Little Ring Railway, the importance of which in the process of traffic flows distribution is growing continuously. Building-up the framework of transportation lines and encouragement of interesting development projects will allow us to turn today’s neglected and unsightly territories into tomorrow’s alluring and modern cityscape specimen.

The project for the SERP & MOLOT plant redevelopment is capable of becoming a role model for such makeovers. It is all the more so, for we are not supposed to face the typical Moscow problem — the presence of a great number of landlords within one industrial area, which means there will be no need for additional harmonization of land tenure issues. We have an excellent possibility to develop a territory, which lies near the city-center and is perfectly accessible by any surface transport. The plant is situated on the crossroads of the Third Ring Road and the Entusiastov Highway; there are two railway stations nearby — Moskva Tovarnaya of the Moscow Railway Kursk direction and Serp & Molot of the Gorky direction — as well as two underground stations — Ploshchad Ilyicha and Rimskaya. We would like to make a most interesting district full of various functions, easily penetrable, accessible, safe and comfortable for dwelling and leisure. It is going to be an area of high-quality architecture, that is why we would like to involve the best Russian and foreign professionals.

Redevelopment of the SERP & MOLOT plants can be compared with the project for ZIL plant territories development in its importance. Of course, they are different in their scope, as well as in the details, but their substance makes them rank with each other. Both of these pilot projects shall become emblematic and be replicated in a bigger or smaller scale in other cities.

Moscow Chief Architect
S.O. Kuznetsov



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